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i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition. how police are trying to keep it safe.. tonight on foo 45 neww at ffve3 3 3
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3 about a 100-thouuand people are still without power, this morning.b-g-e crews are stiil working to restore it after friday'' powerful storms.'s look at thh latest numbers.according to b-g-e's website... total... anne arundel county...
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baltimore city... baltimore county... carroll county... howard county... as frustration levels rise... baltimore city is reminding those affected... there ii there.megan gilliland is here with more the ressurces... good morning guys, we went . around the city yesterday... have a-c... who don't have water.on cold spring lane... theyyre sweating out there. there.angela: 3.41 "girl, i had sweat stains on my was that hot." hot."but just down the take a look.a shelter at the baltimore unior academy... filled with food... waterrand a-c... empty... not one person baltimore: 10.44 "nobodyywas there!? that's strange." angela: 5.08 "a lot of people are afraid to leaae their &phomes."pam carter, city of
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baltimore housing: 27.05 it's &pbeen a slow day." shelter we found yesterday. y 3 there was another one on east federal street. there's also a location in east baltimore and one in eet baltimore.these shelters are open to everyone... and are available today.spread the word if you know someone who needd a little help.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morniig news. &ponn of the hardest hit areass.. was north balttmore... where cleannup is still underway. underway.days afttr the &pchinquapin parkway are dealin pith a major mess.fallen trees stilllsitting on houses.... cars crushed by branches. remmve the debris ttemselves... but some limbs are just too big... and all they can do is wait foo the city to respond. "i saw onn truck come throughh here, and thatt asthe day after, which was saturday and havent seen nobody since." where the help at, its been five days. days.the same street is still
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wwthout power... and neighbors of tte olddr residents who dont have air conditioning. baltimore city police is on the hunt this morning...for the person responsible for a happened nnar thee intersection of preston and north spring street... about 3-15, yesterday afternoon. police found the victim uncoocious and homicide detectives were called to the the man accused in a deadly s, - hit and run in ocean city on memorial day..... goes onn trial september 13th.diogo &pfacchini was arraigned, tueeday...on 10 charges including... negligent homicide by car, and driving while under the the death of matthewwcheswick of cooksvvlle.witnesses say facchini hit cheswick... who was crossing coastal highway.... and kept driving. it's bben open less than one month... but already... the boasting huge success. suucess.on tuesday....we learneddthat revenue from the f 28-million dollars.13-million
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of hat will bb pumped into &pthe state's education trust (kobin) ""'ve two daughters, one's in middle school and one juss gging into high school in they're in the public school system so i think annthing we can give to our school systems and out teachers and push forward to get them into ccllege has my vote." vote."slots revenue from all three maryland casinos totaled more than 194-million dollars in the last year. and speakkng of money for hosting a town hall meetiig on taxes in our studios next thursday, july 12th at 7 p-m. if you want to watch it live on our website... jjst go to fox-baltimore-dot-com. actor andy griffith... who entered many o our homes as "sheriff andy taylor"... has di. died.the t-v star died tuesday morning at his north carolina home on the outerbanks. griffith is best known &pfor playing a small-town sheriff on "the andy griffith &pshow"... and a defense lawyer on the series "matlock" in the eighties and nineeies.still no word on thh cause of death... but griffith's family saysshe
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died peacefully.he was 86-years-old. meltdown nats nats the jetblue pilot who forced passsngers to tackle and containnhim mid-flight... as been found not guilty by reason of march, pilot clayttn osbon had mid-flight meltdown running through the cabin yelling about rrllgion and terrorists. yesterday... a fedeeal judge inntexas sent the pilot back to a mental health pacility for fuuther examination.osbon pleaded not of interfering with a ffight crew. tte country's first rapid over-the-counter h-i-v test... will soon be available forruse at home. home.on tuesday... thh f---a the presence of he virus that participantssswab the upper and lower gums of their mouth... then place the sample into a developer vial.the resuuts are available within 20 to 40 minutes. the kit s expected to be available in stores aad online in early october.
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if you're lookkng for a place to live... a new studyyfinds it's now cheaper to ábuyá... than to rent.the real estate website "trulia" finds u-s rents rose an average of 5-point-4 percent over the areas... like san francisco... phe increase was much hhgher. renters therr were payinn nearly á15-percentá more than analysts say the large number of former homeowners displaced apaatments... and that's sent d rent prices soaring. 3 america's birthday bash at the inner harror starts at 4pm tonight with live entertainment and concluses with the huge fireworks display over he water. water. joel d. smith has a run down f the event, watch the u.s. turn 236!!! good morning joel d. fireworks at 9:30 3
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3 p 3
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spanking yoor children may have lasting effects on their health.a new canadian study found a link between people who were spanked or slapped ass children and mental illness. harsh physical punishment which does not amount to abuse..was assooiated with
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anxieey disorders.... alcohol and drug abuse .. severe personality disorders..even depressionnthe question of whether to spank.... still has parents divided. 3 davis says: "when they ess up their nose in the corner just ddn't ork" work"emkee says:"i don't believe in t i think the ppnishment the time out, sitting in the corner and things like that does good. taking away the nintendo or the game boy." boy."the study founddtwo to 3di physical punishmenttexperts say positive reinfoocement is a better option. will thunderstorms interrupt your ffurth of july plans? plans?meteorologist steve skywatch weather forecast... next. the wheat in every mini-wheat has gotta be just right.
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perfect golden color. rich in fiber. my dad taught me, and i taught my son out there. morning, pa. wait... who's driving the...? ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm, 99 bushels of wheat ♪ [ male announcer ] yep, there's 8 filling layers of whole grain fiber in those fun little biscuits... so they stick with you, all morning long. kellogg's® mini-wheats cereal. [ mini ] yee haw! a big breakfast in a little biscuit. ((2-shot toss to weather))
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3((ad lib mmteorologist)) 3
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ttink you've got what it takes to be the next american idol? idol?it's our baltimore idol
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white marsh ford next ffiday puly 13th starting at 5 a-m foo your ccance to audition for our judges..ur favorite siiger will be given a guaranteed audition in front of american idol producers.the winner of our contest last year.. allie day... made the toop24 on american contest rulls at foxxaltimore dot com. new ccty phones...for more than 600-thousand dollars... dolllrs...tte change to an ethics forr... that rrveals new questions about the our cooer story. ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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3 more questions about a controversial teeephone system at city hall.the mayor's office has paid an outside i-t vendor.... thouuands of dollars... for upgraded phones and tech support.but sevvral those deals.and in our cover story - melinda roeder uncovers a paperwork ethical concernn about the head of the mayor's office of t. technology.
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damian sharp, the head of the payor's technologg office, has repeatedly rrfused comment to fox 45.
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coming up next. next.the orioles try toobounce back against seattle ... and find out the big fan a ravens quarter back has... in philly. next in sports. ((break 3)) mashed potatoes and gravy. it's my turn... it's my turn. mac 'n cheese... mashed potatoes and gravy! mac 'n cheese. mashed potatoes and gravy what are you doing? what are you doing? mac 'n cheese! should we tell em we got two free sides?
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and miss this? say "mashed potatoes!" never! [ male announcer ] buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and we'll throw in 2 more large sides, free. that's 2 extra sides of your choice and one happy family. today tastes so good.
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that's 2 extra sides of your choice and one happy family. bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning spoots. coming up in our 6 o'clock
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hour... a dog food recall underway... how many types are involved... the risk t poses to your dog...and what you should do... if you have the tainted b. brand. çç
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